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Someone yesterday told me about this app called Lulu which lets you “rate” ex-lovers and here’s the first thing that came to my mind: The panel is taken from this Buzzfeed list.

Rest In Peace

The only thing ‘wrong’ with him was that his six pack wasn’t precisely aligned. When he took off his shirt, it looked like someone had sliced his stomach neatly down the middle vertically… Continue reading

Made in Godus’s image

At the end of seven days of lording over a few hundred followers, I have to say I’m a rather benevolent god, even if I do say so myself. This isn’t entirely a delusion… Continue reading


Shilpa Gupta, WheredoIendandyoubegin, 2014. Installed at Royal High School, Edinburgh The beauty of Shilpa Gupta’s text installations, particularly the ones she’s been making using light, is that they seem so darn simple. An… Continue reading

San Francisco Blue


Someone in Indian Advertising Has Been Reading Freud

I just watched a hand that is presumably attached to a woman give a bottle of deodorant a hand job: This was sent to me a few weeks ago but I got creeped… Continue reading

Let The Right One In

The poster for the upcoming Bollywood film Mary Kom is out. We don’t really do biopics or care about any sport other than cricket, but Kom is one of those rare stories of Indian… Continue reading

Why India Doesn’t Need ‘Feminism’ A La Buzzfeed

I really am growing old. I’ve spent half an evening wondering whether something I saw on the internet is worth ranting about. Once upon a time, I’d have written five froth-around-the-mouth rants in… Continue reading

The Life of a Film Reviewer

Because it’s been too long since I put up gifs and because the films lined up for me this week threaten to be very unpleasant viewing. WHAT I WISH WAS MY PREP RITUAL BEFORE… Continue reading

Cops and Smokers

There’s a word in Bengali, mejaj. It’s one of those words that’s annoyingly difficult to translate. In English, depending upon how it’s being used, it could mean ‘mood’ or ‘arrogance’ or a bunch of… Continue reading