One of the reasons indie acts like Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (the duo behind the charming little film, Once) should get the commercial spotlight is that they let us know nitty gritty that no one else would. For example, the Oscar etiquette guide as told by Tom Hanks.

“Well, before the Oscars they give all the nominees this DVD, which is basically a short film with Tom Hanks giving you tips on what you should do and shouldn’t do. When it comes to speeches, he says don’t make a big list of people to thank, because the people you name will be delighted but the rest of the people will be bored. How it’s better to speak from the head than to read from a piece of paper. How you shouldn’t hug anybody when your name is announced because you’re running out of time. They give you all these tips about what you should and shouldn’t do should you win. We found it hilarious. It was great to watch it.” (from Pitchfork)

I want that dvd.

2 thoughts on “Tom-tomming the Oscars

  1. hell yeah, he’s won and not just that, I think he’s the only one to have won twice in a row (for Philadelphia and then Forrest Gump). 😀

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