One of the prerogatives of being senile before one’s time is that, a bit like cattle with cud, you find yourself savouring things after the shiny-eyed youth have chewed and spit it out. So, about four years after everyone  discovered the pleasures of the surreptitious camera phone, I’ve realised that it’s a neat little device because in India, you never know when you might have a photo-op.

Man waiting for movie to start

Dessert at a vegetarian café

Dessert at a vegetarian café

Mangal Pandey as the father of the nation

*Mangal Pandey: The Rising was an attempted Bollywood historical epic, starring Aamir Khan.

5 thoughts on “Trivial pursuit

  1. i can take pics with my camera, just haven’t figured how to get them off!!!! 😆

    Butterscotch Moose cake – eggless…..?????? i have to wonder!!

  2. 😆

    I remember reading a menu in Kerala, with Aloo Matar translate as Patato & Peace…
    and don’t show the Mangal Pandey to too many people…. it’s going to give bad idea to Aamir Khan !!??!!

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