nov5-barackI’ve been up since 7.30 in the morning and following American states go blue in their face (yay!). This means I’ve watched John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN, be an absolute bastard and say BBC’s Rajeev Mirchandani is illiterate and should be fired. He also said that Obama being voted proves America is not a racist country (smoothly ignoring McCain’s disgusting campaigns harping on Obama’s racial and religious background). The CNN telecast felt a bit like Star Trek when Anderson Cooper had a conversation with Will.I.Am, who popped up as a hologram (I kid you not). So in the middle of the staid studio, there was Will.I.Am, with a shimmering blue aura around him, and a little strip below saying, “Will.I.Am, via hologram”. CNN projected Obama as the next president of the United States of America once the Democrats got Virginia and followed it up with shots of white people in Grant Park hugging each other and a hip hop party somewhere in Chicago where black people bounced with tears streaming down their faces. Meanwhile, Headlines Today projected Florida as a blue state, before MSNBC and the New York Times, because they’re “refreshingly different” and know better sitting in their studio in Delhi.

I’m sure seeing Ohio and Virginia go Barack Obama’s way has given cheer to many but equally, my YAY! (in caps, please note) came from the fact that Massachusetts has decriminalized marijuana possession. Now to see how America’s states stand on abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriages (UPDATE: depressingly and unchangingly conservative results).

Even as state after state votes against women having the right to abort or the validity of a same sex couple’s right to marry (or, as in Arkansas) even the right to adopt), we’ll all bounce a little to cheer a sorta black man having made his way to the White House. Because it’s rare to find a leader who can represent and connect to both the preppy white folk of Ivy Leagues and button-down shirts as much as the African American living on the wrong side of the tracks. Meanwhile, Kenya has declared today a public holiday. Bless.

5 thoughts on “Pull out the weed

  1. Damn fucking right man. People seem to be missing the bigger picture (28 grams and under of quasi-legal pot!) in all this excitement about the next president. I’ve been moaning about it to nobody in particular all day long.

  2. Leo, I had a feeling this would resonate with you. Forget the shoo-sha about the most innovative and intelligent political campaign in decades and black man becoming president; it’s all minor. The REAL change lies in cannabis becoming kosher.

    Though, if you look at the stance taken on other state policies, that is really the only sign of change. Only Washington approved euthanasia; California voted against gay marriages (petitions are now being filed in the Supreme Court) as did Arizona and Florida; the measures allowing abortion were … ahem… aborted in every state. The only thing liberals seem to have at the end of these votes are weed.

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