GoayI woke up this morning to some loud and persistent baa-ing. Then, while stuck in traffic on my way to work, I looked to my left and saw a taxi next to me. At 9.30 in the morning, it isn’t odd to see a taxi next to you. Generally, however, the backseat doesn’t have a goat curled up on it. This one was not baa-ing. The one baa-ing is at my building. In the lobby, to be precise. Yes, there is a goat in the lobby of my building. A big, black billy goat. He is tethered to one of the pillars, he baa-s and his pellet-like droppings are scattered around the fancy marble flooring (which can’t be hygienic).

Quite obviously, it’s Bakri-Id tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “No kidding

  1. eep.

    now there’s the first goat, thinking – “ooh, a ride in a taxi! That’s nice. I wonder where we’re going…. maybe a little shopping, lunch and then an afternoon at the pictures….”

    the second one is going – “marble floors. we ARE moving up in the world. Sorry about the mess, but nobody’s showed me how to find the loo.”


  2. Interesting, a bit like the whole Thanksgiving turkey thing only with a religious element and more hands on. None of this just buying it frozen at the local market. Sooo, not so similar. LOL.
    Biriyani sounds good.

  3. Who needs to make biriyani when there is friendly Muslim neighbour, not to mention the number for Kakori Station who do home delivery? God bless the Third World.

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