So a friend of mine, who works for a liberal, left-leaning media publication, was doing a little bit of research on Martin Luther King. Here’s what she got when she clicked on the link to his website:

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Interestingly, if you look for the Ku Klux Klan, you get precisely the same result on my friend’s computer.


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Just how would Mr. King would feel about being clubbed together with KKK, I wonder. Not to mention the fact that King’s website is being blocked for the key words “racism and hatred”.

UPDATE: Just when I was feeling superior to the computer’s artificial intelligence, a helpful dude pointed out, “http://www.martinlutherking.org is owed and operated by stormfront.org which is a white-power hate group. The MLK website is all b.s. white-power propaganda about how MLK allegedly hated white people! So, I think your friend’s company is definitely right lumping this site with “racism and hate” and the KKK.” In other words, all bow to the firewall. It’s smarter than all of us who fell for Stormfront.org’s ruse. I suddenly feel like we’re perilously close to the day when The Matrix becomes reality and I so can’t pull off black leather like Carrie Ann-Moss can.

5 thoughts on “K for ?

  1. I dunno, I find it pretty funny actually. Plus, it proves that there’s hope yet for unartificial intelligence that can tell the various applications of the term “racism and hatred”.

  2. it’s pretty stupid that someone who was doing research couldn’t look at what she was researching because of her own company’s dumb filters!!!!

    otherwise…. there’s a certain twisted irony in it!!!

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