It’s one of those crazy, crazy days. Iran apparently began a test-run of its Russian-built atomic power plant. A plane broke into three parts while attempting to land at Schiphol. There’s rebellion raging in the headquarters of the Bangladesh Rifles. Despite the fact that it’s being conducted by Bengalis and it’s started because of something suitably Marxist like unequal pay, this is not a rebellion of fiery speeches and angsty poetry. There are 14 people dead and there’s been massive gunfire. In Mumbai, the police filed a 10, 000 page chargesheet against Ajmal Kasab and seven other Pakistanis for the November ’08 attacks in Mumbai. Because a document’s s gravitas is decided by how much it weighs, apparently. The evidence recorded in the chargesheet is believed to prove Pakistan’s involvement in the case and accuses the terrorists of murder. It also books Kasab and his mates, who unleashed a killing and looting frenzy upon South Mumbai, for entering Chhatrapati Shivati Terminus without platform tickets. God is in the details.

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