There are days when being a journalist isn’t equal to being underpaid, ignored, abused, overworked and generally equated with a beast of burden. Sometimes, it’s a journey of discovery that begins in your Inbox. Most of the time, the Inbox is full of nonsense notifications like the one that informed me that Nandana Sen is in love with a stuffed cat. But then the peeps at Raindrop Media redeemed themselves (and how!) when they sent the email titled “Maradonna Bares it All.” Genius should not be tampered with so here is the PR’s text in its pristine, barely-touched glory:

Maradonna plays the lead protagonist in the movie; it’s his debut movie [“Pankh”] and in his first movie only Maradonna has bared it all on the screen. Sources say that “The scene was a very important scene and if they removed the scene, then it wouldn’t have had the same effect as it will have now.” Sanjay Gupta [producer] and Sudipto Chattopadhyaya [director] have gone away from the regular Bollywood masala and made a very bold and realistic movie. Before the shoot started Maradonna was introduced to a lot of World Cinema. In world cinema its very common where the protagonist had to bear it all for his role. So when Maradonna had to shoot the scene in front of the whole unit, it was little difficult but he managed to act it out very well. The exposure to world Cinema helped him a great deal, and the comfort level which he had built with the entire crew helped him act out the scene very well.

(He has a “comfort level” with the entire crew? That definitely tops the rumours that fly about Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. And – surprise, surprise – Priyanka Chopra. But that’s not the sort of thing that comes to our inboxes from PR companies.)

In case you, like me, were thinking football legend Diego Maradona has decided to follow in Sylvester Stallone’s footsteps and embark on a Bollywood career, allow me to disabuse of that notion. The gent who is the subject of this piece is Maradonna Rebello, nicknamed Jerry. At least that’s my theory for why the accompanying picture was titled “Jerry Nude”. For a moment, my heart caught in my throat when I saw the file name as I imagined Raindrop Media was attaching a picture of a nude Jerry Pinto but fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Those accustomed to “world cinema”, see below; others, please ignore.


I have two observations: a) Maradonna, aka Jerry, sweats a lot; and b) the lady in the flip-flops must feel rather short-changed with this photograph. I can’t wait for the email that will announce her woes: “‘They chose his butt over my face!’ complains Maradonna co-star, who is glad she got a pedicure before this crucial shoot. She is wearing I’m Indi-a Mood for Love from OPI, in keeping with the focus on World Cinema that has been key to the shooting of Pankh.”

7 thoughts on “I’ve got mail

  1. well, if it had been Diego Maradona, the image would be half as high and twice as wide, i guess. and probably with a lot more hair.
    but that is a really weird shot. i am not asking “what are they doing?”, but that shot suggests things i hope they are NOT doing.
    did you have a good giggle at it? i hope so – i did. 😀

    • It’s very funny that someone mentioned that this picture should be labelled NSFW (apparently, that’s a well-known abbreviation for ‘not safe at work’) because I got the email at work. 😀

  2. goodness me! what a sweaty chap!

    (the thought of Diego M was making me worried for a moment…)

    the poor lady seems to have her hand up to her eyes – if the position of her wrist and neck is anything to go by. very sensible, though he seems to be covering up.. at least – i hope that is what he’s doing….. :-S

  3. He is very sweaty and the rosy color just makes it look very uncomfortable. I for 1 want to know what they are doing & am not embarrassed to ask. ???
    He seems a nice healthy lad though.

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