All I asked was what on earth Dave Longstreth could be doing to the llama at 3mins 9secs in the video for “Stillness is the Move”. It resulted in me getting this reply from an animal-loving friend:

1. i did not like the shrill song
2. also, why the hell did they have the huskies on leashes? the whole outdoor, free-flowing garment thing got lost when they are running with dogs on a leash. (same with the llama – they could have made it more rustic, at least! this was straight out of a pet shop!)
3. i have only met a few llamas in my life, and they have never offended me. However, they spit a lot (not at me) but as they are related to our camels, people have started to give camels a bad rep. and i have been around camels all my life, and never been spat on by one. so, i stand by my camel (and my man).

I love my friends. Send them a video from the album that is being touted as the best indie album of the year and they turn it into a campaign for the Indian camel’s dignity.

2 thoughts on “A Llama’s Spat

  1. This is true.

    I think my favourite part of that video is when the llama’s head just pops into the frame unexpectedly. He looks so puzzled to be in the video. 😀

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