This has to be the best invite of the year. Jenny Bhatt doesn’t just want people to come to her exhibition of paintings, she wants them to achieve “liberation thru’ consumption”, which is why the invite for her show is a credit card.

“Dear Seeker,
As part of our dedicated effort to take care of the spiritual needs of our friends, we are delighted to gift you the most invaluable of possessions — an exclusive Moksha Shots Credit Card! With this card you have the special privileges of unlimited shopping for a lifetime! You can now transfer credit onto your next life and in Easy Lifetime Installments. And while you continue to shop, you collect Karmic Brownie Points that you can use to avail of exciting gifts like Mind Flights, Out of Body Vacations, Virtual Artworks and more.”

On the back of the florid pink Moksha Shots Credit Card, which is a Karma Card (that’s like Master Card for those who can levitate, if colours and logo are anything to go by) , it says,

“This card is the property of MokshaShots and the authorized signatory may only use it in accordance of Karmic Law. If found, please hand it over to any Desire Bank displaying the Karma Card sign. Not valid for payment in Extra Terrestrial Exchange.”

Despite titles like “Eurekasana”, “MokshaBum Mandala” and “Kundalini Finds his Hole in the Blissfield”, if Ms. Bhatt’s paintings bring you joy then you might be an extraterrestrial. The Karma Card is, however, rather considerate because humans, particularly those with some aesthetic sensibilities, may well find they are losing their minds (Mind Flight Brownie Points for your Karma Card). They may also feel a bit murderous towards Ms. Bhatt after being knocked back by the Moksha Shots she’s served up, thus stocking up on some seriously bad karma. At which point an Out of Body Vacation might be just what you need.

NOTE: The first line of this post is meant with an extreme lack of earnestness and an earnest dash of irony.

4 thoughts on “Inviting Response

  1. did you feel it was necessary to explain the first line? 😀

    that is a hilarious post …

    “Mind Flight Brownie Points for your Karma Card” 😀

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