Being a kid who remembers Doordarshan programmes from the pre-cable tv days can be terribly problematic. For example, CocoPerez.com recently reported that apparently the new trend in male grooming is “penazzling“, which is supposed to bring to mind an image like this:

Except in my head, given the similarities in spelling and pronunciation between penazzling and Penaz, I’m seeing this:

For those who didn’t watch the musical programmes that Doordarshan aired in its heyday, that is not a human poodle hybrid but a songstress named Penaz Masani, who wears a lot of dazzling jewellery and had many fans who loved her live performances in particular. Thus, it may be said, she Penazzled her audiences.

It’s tough being old enough to have coherent and lucid memories of the 80s.

3 thoughts on “Spell check

  1. Well, I didn’t think of Penaz Masani, but it was nice to be reminded of her. For some reason, I particularly fascinated by the dainty way she would wipe the sweat off her upper lip while singing her ghazals. Was I the only one, I wonder?

    She did try to reinvent herself as the pop star later to some embarassing results.

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