This might be called a remake or a fan video by some but I prefer to call it one of the more persuasive examples of why the US forces really need to get the hell out of Afghanistan. It really is making the boys go totally cuckoo.

It must be said, however, that some of these guys have some seriously nifty dance moves. That flippy thing that the two boys in khaki do cannot be easy (2:38) but I think my favourite might the chap carrying the first cousin of a billboard on his head. First, he has “STEAM” written in huge letters on top of his head. Second, he starts doing something between a stretch and a twitch in response to the recognisable dance move done by the guy in the centre (3:23).

How can anyone not support the troops after seeing this?

6 thoughts on “Call and Answer

  1. I think there was something endearingly innocent about all those soldiers dancing at the trenches to Lady Gaga and making a video of it. A bit of an antidote to Bigelow’s film, isn’t it?

    • And entirely chilling when you imagine these same boys taking off the costumes, putting on fatigues and doing The Hurt Locker stuff. Shudder.

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