So clearly, the grumbling journo types who told me that Lavasa had paid everyone to make sure there’s no negative publicity, they basically meant the Times of India. Because while news of Lavasa’s troubles has made it to Hindustan Times and Indian Express (HT, apparently, first pointed out Lavasa wasn’t squeaky clean back in August), the Times of India hasn’t reported anything on it. Today, however, the front page had a huge piece on the Jaitapur nuclear power plant getting the environment ministry’s approval. It’s a sulky piece that not-so-subliminally complains about Jairam Ramesh’s standards. The Times of India, going forth where few newspapers dare to go and redefining the notion of a newspaper: it’s not a place that reports news, it’s something that reports the news that can afford publicity.

Of course, no one has mentioned Sharad Pawar’s connection to Lavasa, raised any questions about how the land was acquired or where the original inhabitants of Lavasa’s 25,000 acres have disappeared.

On a completely unrelated note, I gave in and set up a Twitter account for this blog (thereby completely contradicting myself). It’s function is simply to keep an account of the search terms used to reach the blog (so maybe I’m not completely contradicting myself) because reading them gives me the giggles. Not sure whether the Twitter will last but for now, it’s certainly good fun. If you will swivel right to sidebar, “A Quick Search” will show you some of the weirdest and funniest phrases, and apparently typing them into Google brings you here. Like “banana pink yeti”.

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