Generally when my friend and Photoshop genius Devang sends an email, it contains images that are severe manipulations of the truth. For example, my face on top of the body of a Ravi Varma woman or a common friend who works for Vogue as the cover model of the December issue, and so on. For what he sent out this time — you can see it on the left — he clearly didn’t need Photoshop. I sent it to another friend of mine who, being an illiterate cretin clearly, wrote back, “What’s the black and white pic?”  That black and white pic is the photo from which the poster of the film “Pyaasa” was made. It’s one of the more celebrated films by Guru Dutt starring himself and Waheeda Rehman. The film is about a poet who finds himself incapable of handling the greed and corruption of his society. Rehman is a prostitute that he falls in love with. “Pyaasa” is considered one of the finest Indian films of all time. So clearly, not quite in the same category as “Twilight”.

Then again, now that I stare at Devang’s emailed image, they have their similarities. “Twilight”‘s Edward is tortured as is Vijay, the hero of “Pyaasa”. Both of them fall in love with a woman who is considered unsuitable and stare at her hungrily (yes, the innuendo is intended). Both are mistaken for dead at one point in the story. Ok, so Gulabo (Rehman) is a prostitute while Bella is a virginal teenager, but Gulabo, like Bella, has a heart of gold and is able to see beyond the obvious negatives of the hero’s character.

I’m not sure whether Devang has destroyed “Pyaasa” for me or elevated “Twilight”.

One thought on “Compare and Contrast

  1. Insan ajubay karata hay, ajobay dikhata hay,, kabhi kabhi ajuba ban jata hay…..Gurudut sahib ki rooh ko allah sukoon day…yah kya kalakari hay….? is ilm ( gyan) ka akhir maksad kya hay…kya ham itenany bodhik diwaliya ( intellcuatlly insolvent) ho gayay hay ki kutch naya banany ka irada aur jajb aur talim he nahi bachi hay……
    picture afsana bayan karati hay,,,wah maupassa ki kahani aur sadat hasan manto kay kisay say bhee badi ho jati hay kabhi kabhi aur aksar…ek click, ek frame , insan sari umra bhatka hay..dosto kutch karo…ek nayab sa gadho…
    aap samjhdar log hay…..pl kutch kijiyay

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