I wish I could adopt some nonchalance about this but the fact of the matter is, every time I scroll down and see the Blog Stats counter inch closer to the 100k visitors mark, my eyes pop out in a way that makes The Mask seem underplayed. Three years and (at present) 91,070 hits — I’ll allow myself an exclamation mark and say, sweet! Ok, so a huge number of those hits are people who have been misdirected by Google into thinking they can find out something about wife swapping parties in Mulund from this blog, but still, who’d have thunk?

Now, obviously, if at this point you ask me where I rank next to the Huffington Post, I’ll have to ignore you while muttering vicious curses under my virtual breath.

I feel I should mark this milestone in some way but I’m drawing a blank about what to do. Any ideas? Change the template? Reveal deep, dark secrets? Have an “I’d like to thank Uncle Oscar” moment? Make a Wikipedia page (which will no doubt be taken off by their gnomes within seconds)? If you have a suggestion of any sort, please take a moment to write a comment.  Just don’t ask me to set up a Facebook account.

Edited to remove the shiny new form that seemed like a good idea when I first wrote this post. This just goes to show I really shouldn’t write posts while drinking. There would be some point in doing that if I was an entertaining drunk but 6 gins down, what do I do? I insert an unnecessary form into a post. Wild. That’s me.

6 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. 100k ….. holy moly.

    Deep dark secret sounds exciting. I think you should.

    But a new template would be visually effective. A new header at the very least. You can even have a temporary ‘celebration’ template for a week or so if a drastic overhaul isn’t what you had in mind.

    Ps- why a separate form? what’s wrong with the comment form?

    • I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out what I was thinking of revealing when I typed “deep dark secret” as an option. Still drawing a blank. I’m painfully boring, ’tis true.

      New templates are so much work. But yes, new header is a good idea. That I might be able to manage without exploding things.

      Why a separate form? Because I’m an idiot. Thank you for reminding me that comments exist and using the (now-dismissed) form.

  2. I’m also obsessed with stats.
    Thanks to your post I decided to view stats for my defunct old blog and now am mortified to find that blogger has a much nicer stats system.
    it has a much better range of information. damn that google.

    • Hehe. But then how will I gloat about how amazingly popular I am among bots and seekers of wife-swapping parties in Mulund?

  3. Go out and spend a lakh (at least a lakh of paisa) on yourself in some hedonistic way. Then blog the details…

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