Just about to head out for the airport and apparently it is “weird” behaviour to look forward to a flight during the monsoons. I know there’s turbulence and some bumpiness as the plane takes off and lands, but really, I live in Mumbai and use autos. Monsoon clouds have nothing on the boinging that happens courtesy autos and potholed suburban roads. Plus, they’re pretty, which is essentially why I love plane rides during the rains. The clouds are gorgeous. As a kid, I kept imagining Care Bears in the fluffy clouds. (I’ve almost outgrown that habit now. Sort of.) Now I take photos from my plane window.

3 thoughts on “Cloud castles

  1. Hobbie, thank you.

    TRP, We have a cabinet-level minister who writes poems on his BlackBerry while on planes. If it’s in “airplane mode”, then you’re legally in the clear.

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