There are times when I really do love the look of my desk. Like when a book about the Ramayana, with the subtitle “Exploring Rama’s Anguish”, sits next to another (not about the Ramayana) whose subtitle reads, “How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships”. The titles vibe quite nicely with one another too.

I wish I could make this into a postcard and send it to the BJP headquarters.

Somewhat unrelated but still pertaining to books, I love Geoff Dyer’s review of “Martin Amis: The Biography” by Richard Bradford. Dyer is of the opinion that Amis wanted the book withdrawn not because Bradford was dishing dirt on Amis, but because Bradford is a terrible writer. I would cut and paste my favourite bits but the Financial Times just guilted me royally by telling me “high quality journalism needs investment” and that I should share the link rather than post excerpts. I’m such a pushover.

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