It’s not news since it’s been massively re-tweeted since it happened on November 27th, and it wasn’t technically a flash mob since CST was informed that a mob was going to show up and start dancing. Plus, there were rehearsals too, I’m told. But what the heck? This is one of the most fun things that’s happened in Mumbai in ages and I love this “official video”.

2 thoughts on “Flash mob at CST

  1. A lot of seriously cynical thoughts ran through my mind when I read about the flash mob. But at the end, I came to the same conclusion. Why be sourpuss – it was fun for the dancers and for everyone else. So why not? Mumbai is difficult enough place for its residents!!!!

    • C, good to see you here. Yeah, the moment you can actually credit every dancer… 😀 By the way, if you go through the names, you might find a few you’ll recognise. One, for sure.

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