Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. In an effort to blinker myself from the mindless violence that’s raging through post-election Uttar Pradesh, I’ve started watching anything but the news when the TV is on in the house. Now, I’m not the one who watches much telly in this house but anyone even passes by the threshold seems to be addicted to the  news. Which I refuse to even hear. So I’ve taken to hijacking the remote control and changing the channel to some mindless movie channel every time the telly’s turned on. This has meant I’ve ended up watching scattered chunks of trashy films and really, there’s nothing more frustrating than realising the carnal bits have been edited out of these films. Not because they make any difference to the film but because the kiss is possibly the only good thing about the movie. Anyway, the point is, that from time to time, I’d go about groaning/yelling, “@#%^&, what *%@#!ing decade is the damn censor board stuck in?” This morning, courtesy Retronaut, I have my answer. The Indian censor board is stuck in 1949, which is when this article, outlining what may not be shown on American tv, was printed.

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Edited to add:

For my lazy self, here are some of my favourite quotes from the slideshow above. Do take the time to read the writing at the bottom of each image. The paragraphs are almost as genius as the suited man’s expressions.

And as for kissing — it must be dignified and cool. … The too-torrid lovers will be blanked out!

The actors mustn’t enjoy drinking.

Man is permitted to wear dressing gown — if they’re married.

She mustn’t swoon.

No part of the gal’s thigh can be screened — unless the whole thigh is shown, as in swim suit.

4 thoughts on “Television Taboos

  1. “Man is permitted to wear dressing gown — if they’re married.”

    ah, okay. if unmarried he is allowed to go naked. 😛

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