I didn’t actually find this. Tin Roof Press did and it’s an awesome find.

Meet the two-faced god of traffic. He’s Trafficeswara (the good side) on the left and Trafficasura (the bad side) on the right. So much cooler than Janus. This kind of kitsch I like. It’s clever, shows good use of lines and colours, doffs its hat at calendar and poster art, and it’s an original idea. While he’s dressed like a Bangalore traffic cop, this gent could easily be dressed in the Mumbai traffic police’s outfit. The only addition would be the breathalyser, which is fished out and flaunted regularly I’m told. Earlier they used to come up close and tell you to exhale while they put their noses near your open mouth and sniffed. Now they tell you to use a breathalyser that has been in god knows how many mouths. Ew. Anyway.

Sadly, I’ve no idea who drew this. The website mentioned doesn’t seem to exist. Whoever you are, good job.

2 thoughts on “Stop, I Say

  1. The scan’s too crappy to tell for sure, but I like to think it may be painted. At least it uses a lot of the poster-art-ish painting effects. Not that you can’t recreate those digitally, but I just prefer the idea of someone doing this by hand rather than by mouse.

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