“Germany may have lost the Second World War, but it had still recovered enough to become one of Europe’s hottest tourist destinations.”

“The fondness for talent from across the border actually began with the Partition.”

Like I just wrote to Leo, how long before
a) these sentences don’t read as ridiculous
b) I start writing crap like that?

Then again, where do I get off being judgmental about anyone else’s intelligence? Today I spent one and a half hours losing a debate against someone who said the Right to Education Act impinged upon basic democratic rights and promoted inequality in a manner similar to caste-based reservation; that education is a business and asked why someone running a business should care about anyone who can’t pay for a quality education. “It’s the government’s business to promote social mobility, not the citizen who is already paying taxes. The government should fix the public schools or set up scholarships in these private institutions. It’s not fair to ask the provider of certain services to take a hit because the government doesn’t want to do its job. Today, the government is being paternalistic and forcing private institutions to take in certain people. Tomorrow, it’ll tell you to keep two slum kids in your home.” I don’t remember the rest of what she said word for word, but this is enough to give you some idea of where my opponent stood ideologically.

I couldn’t make any headway against her. As I tried to craft arguments and find the right words, I felt like a precocious kid in a court of law, being put in place by a team of experienced, mocking lawyers. Except of course, I’m not a child.

Years ago, I remember my father saying to me that he didn’t really care what I scored in examinations. “Just don’t do disservice to the education you’ve had,” he said. That’s what happened today.

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