I was in Delhi earlier this year for the Indian Art Summit or Indian Art Fair or whatever it is that the event called itself this year. The point is, I was there and while roaming around the stalls, I lost the lens cap for my beloved Olympus E-P1. I’ve had this camera for about four years now and I love it. It looks beautiful, it’s compact, it takes gorgeous pictures and now, thanks to the idiots who can’t walk without crashing into the person in front of them, it is lens-cap-less. I’m petrified that my lens is going to be destroyed and I’ll have to buy a new camera, which is why I no longer carry the camera with me everywhere like I used to in the past. Admittedly, it helps to have the iPhone, which doesn’t do a half-bad job of taking photos. It’s easier to whip out and more discreet than a full-fledged camera, but when after months, I went out with the E-P1 last Sunday, it was such a delight.

As much as I love the rains, the light isn’t the easiest for taking photos. Things tend to look dark and flat. Going out with a camera in this weather really makes you appreciate what a great lens the human eye is. We’re able to notice so many more visual nuances than most cameras pick up. Despite all this, it felt wonderful to go on a walkabout with the camera and since I managed 14 photos that range from decent to good, my little E-P1 didn’t do so badly either.

Edited to add: And it turns out, I’ve completely forgotten how to use pictures in posts. Sheesh. It really has been too long since I took (and put up) photos.

The rains are here, but some trees are still skeletal and photogenic.

Yoiks. That’s a bit too big, but I can’t resize it now. So, erm, oops. I have a thing for naked branches and clouds. If anyone would like to page Dr. Freud, go ahead. Just let me know what you come up with. On a related note, I can’t recall this tree having a leaf at any point over the past seven years. I love how it looks like talons against the sky.

You’d think that road leads to some sort of wilderness. It leads to the highway. (Or what we call the highway.)

Whaddya know? Ugly, shiny buildings can come handy.

This one of the newer abominations, masquerading as a building in which presumably offices can be set up, that have cropped up in Bandra in recent times. I don’t care how touristy this makes me sound, but I will always vote for the older, bungalow-filled Bandra. Sigh.


Just in case you didn’t catch on to my nostalgic mood, I decided to go with the sepia tint. Subtlety, that’s clearly my forte.

It’s not been a good monsoon so far but the clouds showed up on Sunday.

I go past this skyline every day. Sometimes, twice a day. If there’s ever a rally to protest against how ugly the damn skyscrapers we build are, I’ll be the first one there. But despite all this, every time I go past this skyline, I want to take a picture because somehow, in spite of all that ugliness, it just looks gorgeous to me. A sort of “Yes We Can” moment that turns to a “No We Can’t” or “Bollocks” moment as I get closer to the neighbourhood in which these buildings are located.

Fiddling around with the white balance.

Yellow (with apologies to Coldplay. Though I’m not sure why I’m apologising. That song is annoying as hell.)

Spidey was ‘ere.

Those cables always remind of Spiderman, which is fitting at the moment since the newest Spidey film just released in the city. I will admit, however, that when I took the photo, I didn’t even realise the cables were there. All I could see were those clouds.


Most people hate the rains, and there’s good reason to do so. The roads get jammed, there’s waterlogging, all the crap in the world is floating around you and against your skin, there’s more disease scurrying about. It’s a bitch of a season. But it’s so darn beautiful. The sunlight turns cloudy, the shadows soften, there’s a breeze, the rain makes even the most uneven road glisten. It’s enough for me to forget the ickiness that comes with the season.

Racing towards Bandra.

Inside the Mumbai institution that is the Fiat, black and yellow taxi.

On the Sealink.

Cheesy, but after a long day and at midnight, it seems like a really cool shot.

5 thoughts on “Photo-opp

    • If I ever take a photo on a real camera and Instagram it, please box my ears soundly. And thank you, I like that one a lot.

      • that would possibly be massive overkill. There is a new compact powerhouse camera out, just as I bought my little canon and I’ve GREEN with envy. 20 mega pixels. dammit

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