I’ve been nominated by Miss TRP.

Yes, there are times when deep inside me is a gasp-y Deborah Kerr.

So it seems there are rules to this tagging-nominating-awarding thing. The first of which is linking back to the person who nominated you in the first place — tick that. Rule number two: “Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.” Erm. Okay then.

1. I’ve  been playing a game called Subway Surfer obsessively on my iPhone.

2. The last three days, I’ve had “Endless Summer Nights” stuck in my head.

3. I am desperately seeking menopause.

4. My hair is falling at an alarming rate.

5. I’m far wittier in writing than I am in person.

6. I don’t have a favourite colour.

7. I really, really want to know who’s been linking to this blog on Facebook.

Rule number three is actually the hardest — “Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire.” — because I’m obviously blanking. It’s like when someone whirls around and says, “What’s your favourite film/book?” and inside your head, a dervish whirls with anxiety, unsettles everything and leaves you (i.e. me) murmuring, “Umm, Love Actually?” Also, I don’t really spend that much time reading blogs. At least I don’t think I do. Anyway, here are the “15 or so” nominations that survived the blank-out, in no particular order.

Prabha Mallyaher illustrations are often beautiful and frequently fun. Cats feature prominently. 

Anartythis is like an online art scrapbook, which means it’s easy browsing since it’s mostly pictures. It has some very pretty posts. Superb procrastination option. 

Practically Marzipanthe online home of Aishwarya S., and a collection of articles and columns on all sorts of books. She’s ridiculously smart and very funny. She’s also on Twitter, in case you’re so inclined.

President Blink-Blinka Tumblr account maintained by Supriya Nair, who seems to have pretty much every Indian journalist with half a brain in her fan club. And with reason. This woman is brilliant. You can see her articles for Mint Lounge over here

Umbilical — graphic novelist and illustrator Amruta Patil’s blog. There are words and drawings. I wrote about her gorgeous book Kari way back in 2008, when this blog was shiny and new.

Quick Indian CookingAnd you thought I couldn’t be domestic. Ha! Mallika Basu, once a Calcuttan and now a Londoner (I think), writes up recipes that are both good and live up to the title of her blog.

Nilanjana RoyShe’s a literary critic, an author and entirely fantastic. Her first book, The Wildings, is coming out soon (excerpts in the link) and it has illustrations by Prabha Mallya (see above) and I can’t wait to read it. Again, for the Twittery, her account is full of great links.

Overrated OutcastBecause he’s funny. He’s also on Twitter.

Kuzhali ManickavelShe’s written a book of bizarre and excellent short stories (Insects Are Just Like You and Me Except Some of Them Have Wings) as well as many hilarious blogposts. Apparently she speaks like she writes, which is both unsettling and hilarious. In the absence of such opportunities, we may take heart from the “Older Posts” button and marvel and giggle. 

Paagal SubtitleWhere ridiculous subtitles of campy Indian films are celebrated and rendered immortal by way of a screen grab. It’s genius. 

Aquatic Static — I came across Aquatic Static because she left a comment here, but have been returning to her blog because it’s good fun reading her posts. Also, she likes Sherlock. Clearly a woman with excellent taste.

This Isn’t HappinessRun by Peter Nidzgorski, whom I don’t recognise from Adam, but the site has some superb images and links. Anything from Calvin and Hobbes to a Klimt nude can show up here. A lot of the imagery is, ahem, not safe for work. 

Mehreen KasanaAnother one of those dauntingly bright people. She’s on WordPress as well, but the Tumblr is more active. Strident brown pride, skin care rituals, kittens, all this and more on Kasana’s Tumblr.

10 Years of Mediocre Photography —  One Janine Shroff’s not-so-mediocre photography. 

A round of applause, please, for these fine ladies and gents.

Moving on: rule number four is to get in touch with each of these people and inform them that, gasp!, they’ve won an award! (Insert another round of applause here.) Except,
1. I have to go get ready and head to work
2. Somehow, I don’t think this particular award is the sort of thing in anticipation of which any of the bloggers on my list are spending sleepless nights
3. If they’re on WordPress or Blogspot, aren’t they getting alerted anyway (through the stats about referrers and/or pingbacks)?
4. This whole thing of bounding up to a blogger and saying “Lookee! I loves you!” — that requires a certain degree of energy and joie de vivre that I definitely do not possess. (Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t come and heap awards on me. Please go right ahead.)
5. I stuck to 4 out of 5 rules. That’s a better track record than I’ve displayed at any school or work place.

However, to anyone who does come here: do shimmy over to the links listed above. They’re wonderful places to waste time and discover new things.

Right. Shower.

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