You know what we really, really didn’t need at this moment? Pallavi Purkayastha’s rapist murderer to be a Muslim man from Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what has happened. The guilty security guard, who has confessed, is 22 year-old Sajjad Ahmed Mughal. His native place, as we Indians like to term it, is the town of Uri in Baramulla district, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Look at the comments in The Times of India and — maybe I’m losing my mind — the ignorance of the commenters is morbidly funny. How do you take someone seriously when they write things like,

“One thing i would like to share with all readers that it seems that all started with lust. Where a rich woman in India can keep or stay with a young man with so called live in relationship to satisfy her body needs where a poor man like this Pathan in India has to do this forcefully. This guy is illiterate thus did such crime which led him to kill her eventually. So India government must find a solution to remove poverty & get it’s jawans educated & girls must consider this is poor country they should wear & stay according to our own culture rather than westerners to prevent from such happenings until government really get those people out who have been living under poverty line.”

Except of course “Dunichand”, who wrote this comment, takes himself plenty seriously. That’s when the black humour recedes and despair rushes in. To quote 4 Non Blondes, “What’s going on?”

Then, as if this wasn’t bad enough, a rally organised on Saturday by a Muslim organisation called Raza Academy to protest the killing of Muslims in Assam and Myanmar turned into a riot. An auto-wallah told me today, “When Anna came, there wasn’t a riot. But the Muslims get together, and there’s buses being burnt. It just shows they’re violent people.” Of course. But you don’t jump to the conclusion that Hindus are maniacs when the Shiv Sena or MNS lads come and threaten the cabbies and auto-drivers that are not Maharashtrian. “They’re different. Hindus are basically peaceful.”

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to get into these conversations. It’s also bizarre that while buses were being burnt in south Mumbai, the rest of the city chugged along peacefully. People in my office were glued to some wrestling event that frankly looked more like gay p0rn than sport. The fact that the soundtrack to the contest was a choir of male groans didn’t help.

But I digress. The point is that recent events in the city all seem to suggest the universe is lining up the ducks for Narendra Modi to become even more popular than he already is, which is a truly depressing thought. I imagine this is what it looks like inside Modi’s head at the moment:



On a different note, this is from the comments posted in The Times of India‘s website, in response to one of the older articles about Pallavi Purkayastha’s murder.  

Mohammed (Hyderabad)

Women should know that men feel very low when scolded by women especially they should take care of this. Small things in life can make a lot of difference we have to think a lot of our action. No defense for the murderer he could have left the job killing I not the solution patience is.

Anitha (Varanasi) to Mohammed

what do you think mohammed ji about men? some special creation of god where they feel low when scolded by females. what about females who are raped and teased and murdered at the will of men? men have the license to do what ever you feel like doing and female should be submissive? wah !people like you are capable of doing this murder

sul (Chamanpur) to Anitha

pls scold and tease me i wont feel low


As the Romans said, carpe diem.

And because this is all really turning into the black hole of fun, I’m going put up some completely-unrelated photos of graffiti in Bandra. Some uncomplicated, cheerful images is just what the doctor ordered.

Man and graffiti boy


And then Catholics wrinkle their noses at condoms….


Deewar on deewar (That Amitabh Bachchan pose is taken from his film titled Deewar, which is the Hindi word for ‘wall’.)




Heads up


Anarkali in Bandra



2 thoughts on “Blah

    • Thank you. As long as you don’t focus on the broken roads and occasional bit of feces on the road, these lanes actually are quite charming. Of course, they look significantly dreamier with a little less saturation and a some burn at the edges.

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