Ever noticed the facial resemblance between Raj Thackeray, politician and leader of the Right-wing political party, MNS

Raj Thackery at Azad Maidan today


Chunky Pandey, Bollywood actor and hero from the 1980s, who is also rumoured to be extremely popular in Bangladesh

Chunky Pandey

Though, if we’re really striving for accuracy, then it must be admitted that while he was speechifying at Azad Maidan, Thackeray actually looked like the love child of Chunky Pandey and Vinod Khanna in Dayavan. The jaw was definitely Vinod Khanna.

Speaking of Vinod Khanna, in his youth, he was known for being the buff hottie of Bollywood. Much like Salman Khan is known for his rippling muscles (which, a friend tells me, are the stuff of post-production special effects. In reality, Khan is apparently rather flabby), Khanna was once Bollywood’s stud. Earlier this title belonged to Sunil Dutt, who would often be required to take off his shirt in films to make hormones bubble. For example in Mera Saaya, in the middle of a trial in court, Dutt has to whip off his shirt because a crucial twist in the tale pivots upon a mole he has on his back. By the time it was Khanna’s time, in addition to the movies, the concept of photo shoots for film magazines had come into play, resulting in images like this:

Nicked from metromasti.com, as the watermark reveals.

The first time I saw this photo, I thought they’d taken a picture of him while he was clipping his toenails. Then I saw the shoe. Not that the shoe being present or absent helps explain anything about the photo.

You may now return to your regular programming.

3 thoughts on “Separated at Birth

      • I guess he was trying to get the brooding look, but instead just ended up with the ‘constipated while clipping toenails’ look 😀

        Damn, I am saying this abt Khanna, and I always thought of him as handsome. No longer, this pic has ended my adoration.

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