I don’t know about you, but when I open my inbox to get a message that looks like this,

 AFTER ALL, life IS beautiful AND one should have TIME TO enjoy it. So make the most OF your TIME

I think my friendly internet stalker has had a nervous breakdown and turned violent.

Except this is an ostensibly harmless email from my beloved ISP, Tata, which moves in mysterious ways and two days ago decided it was safe to let its users access WordPress.com again.

Today is obviously Crazy Messages day. I got a postcard earlier today. A proper, dirty yellow, old-fashioned postcard. This would have given me the warm fuzzies but for what is written on it:

This postcard was addressed to me but I cannot fathom for the life of me why someone is sending me messages about America being anti-Islam and Obama “Don of the Universe and Destroyer of World Peace.” Though “Don of the Universe” is a rather nice title, methinks. I could live with that tag.

These are making me vaguely nostalgic for the good ole days of this blog when proper loonies used to write to me. I’m going to go and look at photos of dogs drinking beer to make myself feel better.

2 thoughts on “Letter box

    • Of course they didn’t explain. They didn’t even officially admit or deny having blocked the domains in the first place, even though they had.

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