So, despite the fact that we’re in September (already. What is going on with this year? It’s positively whooshing), the rains aren’t done and dusted. This evening’s rainfall wasn’t a repeat of what is popularly known as “26/7“, but it was bad enough to force a number of local trains to be cancelled, cause a landslide in Chembur, an eastern suburb, and serious traffic jams across the city. I reacted in a mature, responsible way: by taking photos throughout my commute and then stopping at a grocery store and buying enough foodstuff to make Noah of ark fame blush. As a result I have enough food for the month and a few nice photos. It’s a win-win, as far as I’m concerned.

On the way to work. The cables of the Sealink looked as white as ivory.

This was taken at about 1pm. Not that you’d be able to tell. All day, it was the only version of 50 shades of grey that I can cheerfully say I love.

Rain, tree.

Clouds and the skyline.

One man and his umbrella, on Worli Seaface.

It’s actually in the evening that we had mad, mad rain.

Talk about having your head in the clouds. I wonder what it will be like to live in those upper floors.

Skirting rain.

There were bits that we could actually speed past, which is saying a lot for traffic management. Why someone was wearing that colour from top to bottom, on the other hand, I cannot say.


The joys of waterlogging.

Water scooter.

Girl with umbrella.

That last one is probably my favourite.

3 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Thank you guys. TRP, there is indeed no Instagram. I never said regular cameras can’t take nice pictures. I just said it’s easier with Instagram, which it is. Infinitely so. But it was nice to go about with the old Olympus.

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