I’m not attempting to be Magritte. This is not a post; just a list of the films I’ve seen since Friday, October 19th.

  1. Beasts of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin
  2. Like Someone in Love by Abbas Kiarostami
  3. L by Babis Makridis
  4. From Tuesday to Tuesday by Gustavo Fernandez Trivino
  5. Amour by Michael Haneke
  6. Holy Motors by Leo Carax
  7. The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg
  8. The Angels’ Share by Ken Loach
  9. Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg
  10. Electrick Children by Rebecca Thomas
  11. Something in the Air by Oliver Assayas
  12. Kalpana by Uday Shankar
  13. The We and the I by Michel Gondry
  14. The Sapphires by Wayne Blair

And I’m hoping to catch three more today. God bless film festival. Ok so it’s the evil power of Reliance that’s behind the Mumbai Film Festival, but if there was ever proof that evil can do good, this might be it. The lineup this year was excellent and mine is not a bad haul, especially since only three of the 14 have been utter and complete rubbish. On the down side, my eyes are red, square and have dark circles. Yesterday, I walked past my boss without realising I was walking past him. Now, if I didn’tlike the man, I’d understand blanking him out of my field of vision. But he’s a very decent chap and given he let me spent every other work day at the festival, he’s very high on my list of people I like. But I walked straight past him. Fortunately, I haven’t completely lost my hearing so when he called out, I did whirl around and subject him to a beaming smile. Hopefully, he’ll think I’m ‘quirky’, rather than rude. Sheesh.

Coming back to the film festival, barring my premature senility, this year’s Mumbai Film Festival has been good fun. Yes, there have been a few cancellations and apparently, quite a few of the screenings at Liberty cinema were a disaster. But in terms of organisation, I think it’s been much better than the last couple of years when there was everything from stampede to broken bones that one had to endure to get into a screening. I trekked down to Nariman Point and saw the films either at National Centre for the Performing Arts of the multiplex near it (INOX) and while there were crowds, it was mostly manageable. If you ignore the fact that I had to get out of the house at 8.30am to reach NCPA for the 10am screening, this year film festing was largely painless. As a result, I think this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge is going to be just clearing the blog backlog.

Ok, off to NCPA. May the force be with me.

(See? This really wasn’t a post.)

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