Possibly the most iconic photo of Bal Thackeray, taken by Raghu Rai in the 1990s. Read about the shoot here.

So in the course of 48 hours, Bal Thackeray has gone from multiple organ failure to drinking juice. Yesterday at about 2pm, just after I’d eaten lunch and was about to sip my green tea, I get a this forwarded message from a friend.

Sahebaani juice pyaale aahe. Aani urine pan zhaali aahe.

I don’t think you need to know Marathi to figure out what’s going on there. Thackeray drank juice and peed. Just the bit of knowledge I needed in my life, particularly while sipping green tea. The point, though, is that as per the Shiv Sena, Thackeray is improving. Miraculously. Rapidly. So all those police chappies whose leave was cancelled, your return was for no reason whatsoever. The Shiv Sena spokesperson has even promised Thackeray will appear before Sainiks before long. If that happens, Jesus Christ’s resurrection will seem way less spectacular.

EDITED AT 4.47pm: So much for the juice and the pee. It seems at 3.30 this afternoon, Bal kicked the balti. Apparently. Unless he resurrects his way out of this one too.

EDITED AT 5pm: And he didn’t. Bal Thackeray is definitely past tense.