The website Flavorwire recently put up a post titled “Stereotyping You by Your Favorite Book of 2012“. Unsurprisingly, I have more than one favourite book and if I follow the guide provided by Flavorwire, I am a sum of the following stereotypes and someone who

  • wasn’t ever allowed to have pets,
  • am secretly suspicious of everything,
  • thinks the world is doomed — but can laugh about it.

I never actually wanted a pet so my parents didn’t have to forbid from keeping one, so that one doesn’t really apply. But the other two are pretty darn accurate. If there was a book for those who have columns to write but faff around instead of writing said columns, I’d be summed up beautifully.

If you come by and see the blog looks entirely different, you’ll know that this business of column-writing is going nowhere.