At least I imagine this is what a plane’s belly would see if it had eyes as it flew over Maharashtra.

I saw this (hooray for the window seat and the iPhone) while flying into Mumbai earlier this year. By which I mean earlier this week. It’s a route I’ve flown many times before but I don’t remember this stretch of the Western Ghats — at least I presume these are the Western Ghats — ever looking so gorgeous. They look like they belong on in a world like that of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. The cragginess, the sharply-defined angles of the rocky ledges, the mountaintops rising above the fog… it looked absolutely gorgeous. There’s something quite reassuring about beginning the new year by looking at something you’ve seen thousands of times before and noticing beauty that you hadn’t noticed earlier.

Happy 2013, everyone. May it be a magical, brilliant year for us all.


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