For obvious reasons, I’m surrounded by a fair amount of writing on Afzal Guru, which I have to edit. 

(It seems like ever since I started working for a weekend paper, every damn important death seems to happen on Saturdays. Annoying. And yes of course the universe revolves around me and my barely-existent career. Duh.) 

Anyway, so yes, there’s a lot about Afzal Guru in the stuff that I’m editing. When I read Guru is “a Jaish member” or “a Jaish hand” or “affiliated to Jaish”, I need to insert the complete name of the terrorist organisation to which Guru was linked. Sounds easy, yes? And it is, unless you happen to totally blank out and your brain keeps telling you the organisation is called “Jaish-e-Mohabbat.” 

In case you were wondering, it isn’t.

“Jaish-e-Mohabbat” would mean “Love’s army”. I’m guessing this since Jaish-e-Muhammad, considered a terror outfit by governments in India, USA and UK among other countries, means “The army of Muhammad.”

I just typed “the army of Mohabbat” and then “the mary of Muhammad.” I got “the army of Mohabbat” at the third try. Of Muhammad, I mean. 

Oh dear. 

Tonight is going to be a long, long night.  

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