I really shouldn’t be here. There are many other things that I should be doing. These range from getting myself a cup of coffee, watching the Pistorius trial unfold on Twitter, waiting for an email, reading a boring book, reading a good book to drafting a set of questions for an interview. Instead, I’ve been trawling the web and as a result of that, chanced on this blog.

Despite the fact that this Pakoto person doesn’t know me from Adam, they’ve actually summed up pretty much my existence in these sketches.

The really, really cute illustrations, though, are the ones that are inspired by films. They look vaguely kiddie, except of course they’re rather sophisticated in their cartoony simplicity. I wish this person do more illustrations on truly morbid, horror-type films. Like The Hostel or films with random violence, like the latest Die Hard. Anyway, fun.

I will now return to real work. Or at least make a valiant effort in that direction.

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