Hello new design and thank you, dear Internet, for delivering the stick figures in the background. I tried to find out who’s sketched them, but couldn’t. If you are the person who drew them and are not amused that your work is being used the way it is on the blog, do email and I’ll take it off.

9 thoughts on “Tadaaa!

    • Myuhahahahahha! Revenge! Because I started manically live previewing after you changed yours. It’s an absolute pain because of course, I’m not going to use any theme simply as it is. So between the constraints of the themes and my limited creativity…well, it took this long to click ‘activate’ on this. And really, all I had to do was find the right background. I was going to pick posts from the past for a slider on top but now I can’t be bothered. Maybe with future posts.

      • If it makes you feel any better, every time WordPress announces a new theme, I spend about 20 minutes trying it out. Even when I don’t really want to change the theme. In fact, particularly when I don’t want to change the theme.

      • what really aggravates me is that there is rarely a theme that is perfect. And it really really annoys me that you can change the header colour but not the links. Come on! WP don’t be so fucking cheap. You charge for everything else!

  1. It will for now, because I sure as hell am not changing mine right away. You don’t understand. I’ve spent WEEKS live previewing and finding something problematic in almost every. single. theme.

  2. so are you the flutterling, or the faintling? :p or are you first faint over the new template, and then flutter triumphantly when you have put it up?

    • I’m definitely the flutterling. Initially, I’d seen the blog as the one just sitting around, not really giving a damn, while I preened about my success. But given this entire theme tag with TRP, I think she’s the one in white now.

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