The rest of the world may be obsessing over Oscar Pistorius, but we have our own sports hero problem. Recently, a drug haul got everyone’s attention because it might implicate Indian Olympic boxer Vijender Singh, who is one of the few good looking lads in Indian sport so the Indian media (particularly Indian English media) is particularly devastated. So among the people being questioned is Ram Singh, who was Vijender Singh’s sparring partner. Today’s update:

The National Institute of Sport’s decision to expel Ram Singh, a former national champion in the super heavyweight category, came a day after he admitted on Saturday that he and Vijender had tried heroin for “fun” three or four times.

Changing his statement today, Ram Singh, who was questioned by the Punjab Police for the third day, said he and Vijender mistook heroin for a food supplement and consumed it. He, however, added that he had consumed the food supplement by “inhaling it”. He even warned other sportspersons not to make a similar “mistake”.

He mistook heroin for a food supplement? What the hell is he being fed? And why does he not know that traditionally, food is eaten not inhaled? It’s been years since I did any strenuous physical activity and I am admittedly not too familiar with social practices in Punjab, but is this the standard way to take food supplements? Not mixing it in a shake or taking a spoonful, but inhaling it. Lay out lunch for a champion and there’s dal, roti, veggies, protein shake and some white, powdery stuff that said champion will, naturally, snort.

Sports cases, I tell you.

5 thoughts on “How do you take your food supplement?

    • Doesn’t really. But I am fascinated by anyone who believes it’s credible that heroin can be confused with a food supplement.

      • I had a heart attack when I saw a news ticker that read “Ram Singh commits suicide”. I mean, it’s a stupid lie but to kill yourself over it seemed excessive. But the dead Ram Singh is a different Ram Singh (this is the bus driver and one of the rapists of that Dec 16 gang rape).

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