I’m not sure how many of y’all are familiar with the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, so I’m going to give a brief sum-up of the bit that’s relevant to this post. Once upon a time, there was a blind prince called Dhritarashtra. When he came of age, Dhritarashtra’s elders arranged a marriage with Gandhari, a beautiful princess from a mountain kingdom. Gandhari had a brother, Shakuni, who accompanied his sister when she went down to the plains to get married. When Gandhari discovered that her groom was blind, she said that she would blindfold herself so that she and her husband were equals. Shakuni didn’t take very kindly to the fact that his beloved sister was effectively deceived into marrying a blind man and so he vowed to bring down Dhritarashtra’s family. But being the cunning sort, he didn’t make his bitterness be known. He became a fixture in Dhritarashtra and Gandhari’s life instead.

There’s a new version of the Mahabharata that’s being aired on the Indian telly at the moment. Under normal circumstances, I would rather sign up for waterboarding than watch this show, but the current job requires me to keep track of some things, one of which is crappy mythological teleserials with astoundingly bad acting, mostly ugly actors and pretty much no logic. It is, however, doing a good job of clarifying certain issues. For example, you might wonder why Shakuni, himself the crown prince of a pretty powerful kingdom, chose to stay with Dhritarashtra and Gandhari instead of returning to Gandhar to plot his revenge. Thanks to the new Mahabharata we have the answer: Shakuni wanted Dhritarashtra’s conditioner.

Left: Shakuni. Right: Dhritarashtra. (Yes, they're *acting*)

Left: Shakuni. Right: Dhritarashtra. (Yes, they’re *acting*)

Click on image to fully appreciate Shakuni’s need for conditioner and Dhritarashtra’s lustrous locks in their full glory.

4 thoughts on “Hair Play

  1. Hahahaha. Pause. Hahahhahah. ANd is that the only wisdom and answer that us non watchers of neo Mahabharat are gonna get? “Shakuni didn’t take very kindly to the fact that his beloved sister was effectively deceived into marrying a blind man and so he vowed to bring down Dhritarashtra’s family.” This I didn’t know. Never understood the man’s motive.

    • Alice, I think I could run a separate blog just how nonsense this new Mahabharat is. No, I didn’t watch Ekta Kapoor’s attempt. I did hear though that she picked her Krishna on the basis of his horoscope. Apparently, it was the most similar to what she was told was the mythical Krishna’s horoscope. Yes, she had Krishna’s horoscope. Whaddyamean how? She’s Ekta Kapoor dammit.

      (Actually, maybe that Krishna was from her attempt at Bhagavat. Haven’t seen that one either.)

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