Click to read Sirius’s Bombay Dreams

So a week or so ago, I was on a dedicated mission to make my life miserable by wasting time doing stupid quizzes on Buzzfeed (thereby ensuring that I’d later be frantically writing pieces to a soundtrack of whooshing deadlines). That day I discovered that if I’d been a dog, I’d be a Great Dane and that if I was a Harry Potter character, then I’d be Sirius Black. A casual mention of these results on social media, and the next thing I knew, one of this blog’s readers was requesting fan fiction in which Sirius Black undergoes a gender bender and my friend and Potterhead Bijal was concocting a hilarious story that landed Sirius Black, a film reviewer, in Mumbai. This is why, if you look at the right hand corner, you will see a link that reads Sirius’s Bombay Dreams. It’s fan fiction conceived mostly by a fan (Bijal) and written by a non-fan (me).

I can’t promise I’ll write the whole story that Bijal and I have plotted (over text messages, if you please), but if this first part is any indication, this fan fiction business doesn’t take much time to write. And it got Bijal out of a bad mood, which is good enough for me. So who knows? Maybe I will finish it. For now though, there’s part one if you’re bored and feel like reading a few thousand words of silliness.

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