I’ve no idea who sent this to me because I literally just spotted in the Camera Roll section of my phone, but it is genius and therefore, I am sharing.


I will translate (roughly) for the benefit of those who don’t read Hindi.

“Every reader of the Ramayana knows that Hanuman is always among us. Look carefully at the above images and, putting your hand on your heart, ask yourself that are these two not the same? Please share widely.

Jai Bajrang Bali.”

Those who are better versed with the animal world will recognise which type of monkey it is. It looks like a gray langur (of the genus Semnopithecus) to me and Wikipedia tells me the gray langur is also known as the Hanuman langur, so I’m guessing that is the one. Wikipedia also tells me that Hanuman langurs may be found in all-male groups and the following are the recorded vocalisations of the langurs:

  • loud calls or whoops made only by adult males during displays;
  • harsh barks made by adult and subadult males when surprised by a predator;
  • cough barks made by adults and subadults during group movements;
  • grunt barks made mostly by adult males during group movements and agonistic interactions;
  • rumble screams made in agonistic interactions;
  • pant barks made with loud calls when groups are interacting;
  • grunts made in many different situations, usually in agonistic ones;
  • honks made by adult males when groups are interacting
  • rumbles made during approaches, embraces, and mounts;
  • hiccups made by most members of a group when they find another group.

I’m no expert, but that pretty much sums up all political parties and their rallies. But if I’m being told to put my hand on my heart and spot the similarity between BJP’s Narendra Modi, I will do so and admit in all honesty, that he does seem like a bit of a monkey.

It’s difficult to believe someone did this in all earnestness, but on the top corner is the official logo of BJP’s election campaign and at the bottom corner is their tagline: “Har har Modi – Ghar ghar Modi”. I don’t have the eloquence to translate that properly, but it’s essentially saying “all hail Modi”.  Ergo, I am forced to conclude that this is the real deal.

In the unlikely event that one of the seven people who read this blog (it’s true. I keep a count) sent this to me, please identify yourself. I owe you a cupcake.

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