Apparently there is such a thing as “vertical dancing”. As far as I knew, pretty much all dancing is done vertically and I was all set to put vertical dance just below “short form journalism” in my list of Best Pointless Terms*. But it turns out vertical dancing is an actual thing and vertical refers to the surfaces on which the dancers perform. It may sound silly, but the effect is absolutely dreamy.

The dancers in this video are from a company called Bandaloop, pioneers in vertical dancing. A few years ago, Bandaloop came and performed in Delhi. They performed against the LIC building designed by Charles Correa, whose shiny surface gave each dancer a mirror image partner. I had no idea any of this had happened, but I did find a video (hooray for YouTube). I’ve no idea how much fun this would be to watch if you’re on the ground, craning your neck to see these seemingly Liliputian dancers dangling in mid-air. On video, however, it looks quite gorgeous. Particularly loved this solo piece:

You can see selected excerpts from their Delhi show here.

*Common sense suggests “short form journalism”** would be the opposite of “long form journalism”…for which, as a matter of fact, we already have a term. It’s known as “journalism”.

**I stand corrected. So “short form journalism” is one of the “new realms of the news and media landscape”, “challenging traditional news models and constantly redefining what news is.” Leaving aside the complicated business of mixed metaphors (how is a realm is challenging a model?), I now know what “short form journalism” is: scouring Twitter and Facebook for trending topics. It’s hard keeping up with the cool kids. 

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