ME: Hello?
HT: Hello ma’am. I am Swapnil from [news channel with staggeringly high viewership]. Will you give me your opinion?
ME: Er, what is this about?
HT: Ma’am I would like your opinion.
ME: On anything in particular?
HT: Yes ma’am. That press gag law. You have written many things about it.
ME: The only thing I’ve written about it was one tweet.
HT: That only.
ME: And that makes me an expert on the subject?
HT: You’ll give opinion? I can send email giving you brief.
ME: Send me the email first.
HT: Ma’am what is your email?
ME: It’s my name dot my surname at blahblahmail.com.
HT: Ok ma’am. Ma’am, what is your name?

3 thoughts on “It’s Hard Out There For A Talking Head

    • It would have made some bizarre sense if the guy was a telemarketer. But a this chap had my number and was from a bona fide media company… sheesh. Indian journalism, you slay me.

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