There are days when I can’t wait for this month to end, and then there are other days when I think that I’m really going to miss this job when it’s over. Today is one of the other days. Because somehow, I have trouble imagining an email like this one showing up in my office inbox once I’ve left this place.

Respected Anon first time in India a cap with a fan
powered by solar energy
Be the first one to own it
beat the heat! The innovative Solar Cap

use the sun’s energy to keep you cool and fresh on hot days.

Wear these caps during going out and enjoy cool gentel 

breeze The solar Fan Cap offers you a pleasant cool world

to accompany you in your outdoor activities. 

Respected Anon novel design of our solar Fan Caps is fun for all ages.

Solar Fan Cap Working

Wear the cap and go in sunlight  the solar panels on the cap will drive the fan   

The fan on the cap cools your face and forehead  

Solar fan cap needs no charging  

Use suns energy to keep you cool

Solar Fan cap works in all seasons when under sunlight 
A cap  for you to set a Colourful & Trendy Look 

Own this Fan Cap and get Comfort Multiple Utility: – Unique Gift Item –   


The email’s original formatting and spelling has been retained. You can find out more here. It turns out that a staggering number of newspapers and magazines have written about this gadget, which incidentally isn’t an original creation but a ripoff devised by one Pune resident named Vivek Bhatia. Bhatia does have one invention to his name though: the No Nap gadget. Stick it on your left ear and if you doze at the wheel, the No Nap will buzz loudly and wake you up. Who said there’s no invention in India?

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