This job is going to do bad things to me. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I’m working on Saturdays (till 11.30pm, minimum), but here I am at 1.01am, chomping on chocolates. Not exactly healthy. The most ridiculous part is that about 90% of the time, I’m doing nothing. There’s about 15 minutes of work that shows up at approximately 10.30pm. For the rest of Saturday, I officially have nothing to do. When I mentioned this to someone, they had the bright idea of suggesting I carry my laptop to work and get on with writing a novel at my desk instead of simply waiting the workday out. To that ridiculous idea, I have only one reaction: a gif.

No one can work at work. Particularly when the office is a place where colleagues play cricket. What does happen at work, however, is that faffing around on the (appallingly) slow internet leads to you finding things that will traumatise you. For instance, this:

This is a screengrab from a Bollywood film titled Chandni (I think), starring Sridevi (in yellow) and Rishi Kapoor (in blue). The scene is in Delhi and that building in the background is the Indian parliament. In that one frame, there’s a woman wearing a canary yellow outfit; the hero has a sweater that could have been part of the torture sequence of A Clockwork Orange; the Parliament building is visible. And all I can see, however, is that Rishi Kapoor is holding a massive, sandstone-coloured dildo in his hand. A massive sandstone-coloured dildo that is in the Parliament compounds.

Certainly goes some distance in explaining why democracy gets screwed in that building.