Yes, I’ve changed the blog’s template again (sorry Leo; on the plus side, you’re brain is no longer being exploited and paraded before the internetted world at large as the header of an obscure blog). Grey, dear reader, is not my colour. It’s too calm and lacks extremes. So white it is, this time with some texture (to please TRP), because obviously, when I think of me, I think squeaky-clean-white. Perhaps a childhood spent watching detergent commercials that promised blinding white laundry have addled all notions of colour for me. Though at some point, I hope to add some colour via a header. Eventually. Maybe as a happy-new-year thing. Or maybe go for a completely different template. Again.

Meanwhile, to take the attention off my template-centric promiscuity, there’s NaolitoArt.com.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The drawings are by a Spanish graphic designer called Nacho Diaz, which not only sounds to me like it’s the name of Puss in Boots’ best friend but also I now see Mr. Diaz as a large, orangey triangle. But that has nothing to do with anything. Diaz’s stuff is funny, very cute and occasionally nicely macabre. Go see more of his work on deviantArt page here or at the link given above the slideshow. It’s very, very entertaining.

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